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Membership Dues are $48 per year, and the Voluntary Assessment is $22 per year.
This assessment is voluntary and will not affect your membership.

The assessment pays for Council expenses not covered by the dues. The current assessments are: 

Assessment for Home Maintenance & Repair - $12
Assessment for Home Operating Expenses - $10

You may choose to pay either option:

Option 1 (Annual Membership Dues along with the Voluntary Assessment); or
Option 2 (Annual Membership Dues only).

Just click on the appropriate Pay Now button.

A small handling fee will be added to your payment.

Thank you for your continued support and membership. Vivat Jesus!
Option 1
Dues & Assessment
Dues Assessment Handling Fee Total
$48 $22 $2.40 $72.40

Option 2
Dues Only
Dues Assessment Handling Fee Total
$48 -0- $1.74 $49.74